About Me

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Hi, I'm Touhidul Haque, a freelance Full Stack web developer and digital planner. I live in Dhaka founder of a web development company called falcon web soft.
I build clean, responsive and highly usable websites and web applications. I have a stubborn curiosity for how things work. If I could be tinkering, exploring and learning all day I would be completely happy.
I’m extremely passionate about the web development and seo. I’ve got tons of experience on producing unique online brand experiences.I've been working in the freelance design industry for more than 10 years. During this time I've built up a huge reputation for producing original and professional work.
As well as working for my own direct clients I’m often sub-contracted by design agencies, either working remotely or in-house. I have my own network of freelance contacts, working in various disciplines ranging from web and app development to search engine optimization and copywriting.
My creative process is very in-depth… I start every project by thoroughly researching my client’s business or organisation, before arranging my research into notes / moodboards and sketching out multiple ideas and variants. Starting each job in this way allows me to produce something that clearly communicates my client’s message, that is both interesting and fit for purpose. It gives you a chance to watch it develop and give your feedback we create something you really love.

What I do

  • Web Development

    HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP,Java Script,ReactJS,JavaScript,NodeJS

  • Server Management

    Linux,Git,Machine Learning,SSH,

  • Database

    SQL,MySQL, SQLite, Postgres,Oracle

  • Digital Planning

    Creative & Technical

  • Web Design

    Photoshop, UX & UI

  • Promotion

    SEO, PPC & Email

Have a cool project in mind, and think I can help you with it? Let’s get in touch. For work enquiries, please free to drop me a line at contact and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.